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Encoding Seq

The EncodedSeq object is similar to the BioPython Seq object, in that it primarily contains the sequence letters and an associated Alphabet with the prime difference being the Alphabet is a GCGC alphabet and not from BioPython.

Creating an EncodedSeq

To create an EncodedSeq pass a sequence and an alphabet.

from gcgc.encoded_seq import EncodedSeq
from gcgc.alphabet import IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding

es = EncodedSeq("ATCG", IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding())
# EncodedSeq('ATCG', IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding())

Modifying an EncodedSeq

Once the object has been created, there are various ways to modify the underlying sequence.

# EncodedSeq('ATCG||||||', IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding())

# EncodedSeq('>ATCG<', IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding())

The EncodedSeq object also supports chaining.

# EncodedSeq('>ATCG<|', IUPACUnambiguousDNAEncoding())

Integer Encodings

After the sequence has been modified, integer encodings are available as properties.


[1, 2, 3, 0]